Richard Paul Evans Net Worth

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Richard Paul Evans Net Worth Richard Paul Evans  is an American author, best known for writing The Christmas Box and, more recently, the Michael Vey series.

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Richard Paul Evans Net Worth

10 Million USD


Full NameRichard Paul Evans
CountryUnited States of America
Net Worth10 Million Dollars
Date of BirthOctober 11, 1962
Last Updated


Richard Paul Evans Net Worth

How much is Richard Paul Evans Net Worth?


Richard Paul Evans  is an American author, who has a total assets of 10 Million Dollars


Who is Richard Paul Evans?


Richard Paul Evans (born October 11, 1962) is an American author, best known for writing The Christmas Box and, more recently, the Michael Vey series.


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Richard Paul Evans Biography


Evans graduated from Cottonwood High School in Murray City, Utah. He graduated with a B.A. degree from the University of Utah in 1984.


While working as an advertising executive he wrote a Christmas story for his children. Unable to find a publisher or an agent, he self-published the work in 1993 as a paperback novella entitled The Christmas Box. He distributed it to bookstores in his community. The book became a local bestseller, prompting Evans to publish the book in this region.


The next year The Christmas Box hit #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, inciting an auction for the publishing rights among the world’s top publishing houses. Evans signed a publishing deal with Simon & Schuster, who paid him $4.2 million in an advance.


Released in hardcover in 1995, The Christmas Box became the first book to simultaneously reach the number-one position on the New York Times bestseller list for both paperback and hardcover editions. That same year, the book was made into a television movie of the same title, starring Richard Thomas and Maureen O’Hara.


Evans has subsequently written 36 nationally best-selling books, including some for children, with conservative Christian themes and appealing to family values. His 1996 book Timepiece was made into a television movie featuring Naomi Watts, James Earl Jones, and Ellen Burstyn, as were The Locket (1998), which starred Vanessa Redgrave; A Perfect Day (2006), which starred Rob Lowe and Christopher Lloyd; The Mistletoe Promise (2016), which starred Jaime King and Luke Macfarlane; and The Mistletoe Inn (2017), which starred Alicia Witt and David Alpay.


During the spring of 1997, Evans founded Christmas Box House International, an organization devoted to building shelters and providing services for abused and neglected children. As of 2017, more than 35,000 children have been served by Christmas Box House facilities.


Evans, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Keri, five children, and one grandson.


He founded the group “Tribe of Kyngs” to combat feelings of isolation among men and the belief that “masculinity is no longer valued”. Initiation into the group includes a coronation ceremony.


Sexual harassment allegations


In 2018, allegations were made against Evans that he had sexually harassed women at the Utah-based FanX Convention.


In an interview that aired Tuesday on KUTV-Channel 2 in Salt Lake City, Evans criticized some in the #metoo movement, stating, “These trends tend to swing too far the other way where innocent men are being caught up in, and we’re in a culture where it’s a war on men.”


He told reporter Chris Jones that “there is a war on men” and that men are under attack, oppressed by a changing culture, victims of an extremist feminist agenda, adding, “There are books written that say, again, that men should be taken out, that they should account for no more than 10 percent of the population. Well, that makes men feel like Jews in Nazi Germany.”




  • The Christmas Box Miracle: My Spiritual Journey of Destiny, Healing, and Hope (2001)
  • The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me: About Life and Wealth (2004)
  • The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me for Women (2009)
  • The Four Doors (2014)


  1. The Christmas Box
  2. The Christmas Box (1995)
  3. Timepiece (1996)
  4. The Letter (1996)
  5. The Locket
  6. The Locket (1998)
  7. The Looking Glass (1999)
  8. The Carousel (2001)
  9. The Walk
  10. The Walk (2009)
  11. Miles to Go (2011)
  12. The Road To Grace (2012)
  13. A Step of Faith (2013)
  14. Walking on Water (2014)
  15. The Broken Road
  16. The Broken Road (2017)
  17. The Forgotten Road (2018)
  18. The Road Home (2019)
  19. Michael Vey
  20. Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 (2011)
  21. Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen (2012)
  22. Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere (2013)
  23. Michael Vey: Hunt for Jade Dragon (2014)
  24. Michael Vey: Storm of Lightning (2015)
  25. Michael Vey: Fall of Hades (2016)
  26. Michael Vey: The Final Spark (2017)


  • Christmas Every Day, adapted from the William Dean Howells short story (1996)
  • The First Gift of Christmas (1996)
  • The Last Promise (2002)
  • A Perfect Day (2003)
  • The Sunflower (2005)
  • Finding Noel (2006)
  • The Gift (2007)
  • Grace (2008), re-released as If Only (2015)
  • The Christmas List (2009)
  • Promise Me (2010)
  • Lost December (2011)
  • A Winter Dream (2012)
  • The Mistletoe Promise (2014)
  • The Mistletoe Inn (2015)
  • The Mistletoe Secret (2016)
  • The Noel Diary (2017)
  • The Noel Stranger (2018)
  • Noel Street (2019)
  • The Noel Letters (2020)

Children’s books


  • The Christmas Candle (1998)
  • The Dance (1999)
  • The Spyglass: A Book About Faith (2000)
  • The Tower (2001)
  • The Light of Christmas (2002)


Aditional Contents


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Richard Paul Evans Net Worth


Full NameRichard Paul Evans
CountryUnited States of America
Net Worth10 Million Dollars
Date of BirthOctober 11, 1962
Last Updated

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