Pat Parelli Net Worth

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How Much is Pat Parelli Net Worth? Pat Parelli (born 1954) is an American pony mentor who rehearses characteristic horsemanship and established the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program.

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Pat Parelli Net Worth

15 Million USD


Current Net Worth15 Million USD
CountryUnited States of America
Date of Birth/AgeMarch, 17 1954
Spouse(s)Karen Parelli Hagen,
Linda Parelli
Last Updated


Pat Parelli Net Worth

How much is Pat Parelli Net Worth?


Pat Parelli is a American Producer who has a total assets of $15 Million


Who is Pat Parelli?


Pat Parelli (born 1954) is an American pony mentor who rehearses characteristic horsemanship and established the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program.




Parelli was brought into the world in 1954 in Livermore, California. As a kid, he functioned as a helper for close by horse offices. He contended in rodeo during secondary school and afterward moved on from Fresno State University with a degree in horticultural education.[1] He at that point contended in proficient rodeo and was named the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s Bareback Rookie of the year in 1972.

Personal life


Parelli’s first spouse was Karen, and the couple had a child and a daughter. Their child, Caton, was brought into the world in 1984. Caton had hydrocephalus upon entering the world and at one time it was dreaded he could always be unable to walk or talk. Be that as it may, the kid conquered his troubles and figured out how to talk, to ride ponies, and as a grown-up has shown American Quarter Horses in cutting and reining.

Their girl was named Marlene. Karen was a co-writer for Parelli’s first book, Natural Horse-Man-Ship.[5] Karen and Pat separated; Karen remarried a man named Jim Hagen, and today the Hagens run a horsemanship program in California called Natural Hoofprints.


Parelli’s subsequent spouse (presently separated) is Linda Parelli(née Paterson, brought into the world in 1958). She was brought into the world in Singapore and experienced childhood in Australia. She met Parelli in Australia in 1989 while he was as yet hitched to Karen, subsequent to seeing his recordings in a tack store.

She helped organize and advance Pat’s centers in Australia and came to America in 1992. It is the second marriage for both. Since 1996, Parelli has been settled in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Linda Parelli


Linda moved to Australia when she was a youngster, and before long persuaded her folks to get her a pony, and afterward two. At the point when she was youthful, she contended in Pony Club and gymkhana. As a grown-up, she prepared as an esthetician and turned into the training chief for an Australian healthy skin organization.

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Needing to get back to having ponies in her day to day existence, she purchased a Thoroughbred pony with an objective of contending in eventing, but since the pony was hard to deal with, she endeavored to utilize dressage strategies for preparing, despite the fact that she thought about dressage “the most exhausting thing conceivable.” Unsuccessful with that technique, she went to a Parelli facility, as she had been intrigued with his recordings exhibiting bridleless riding, and discovered accomplishment with her pony utilizing Parelli’s strategies. Thus, her abilities in showcasing and training pivoted the Parelli program financially.


Theprogram as it is organized today is credited as helped to establish by Parelli and his subsequent spouse, Linda.


What happened to Pat Parelli’s parents?


Marion County horse trainer Pat Parelli’s parents killed in fiery crash on his birthday. The parents of famed horse trainer Pat Parelli were killed in a fiery car crash late Wednesday afternoon in Marion County as they were believed to be traveling to a birthday celebration for their 67-year-old son.


Where is Pat Parelli?

Since 1996, Parelli has been headquartered in Pagosa Springs, Colorado


What is Parelli training?


The Parelli programme is a people-training program focused on the study of horse behaviour and horsemanship skills. The programme spans Four Savvys, or areas of development, through four distinct levels of skill improvement


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Pat Parelli Net Worth , Biography


Current Net Worth15 Million USD
CountryUnited States of America
Date of Birth/AgeMarch, 17 1954
Spouse(s)Karen Parelli Hagen,
Linda Parelli
Last Updated

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