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Robert James Ritchie (conceived January 17, 1971), also called Kid Rock and sporadically Bobby Shazam, is an American rapper, vocalist, lyricist, artist, and record maker. His style switches back and forth between rock, hip jump, country, and weighty metal. A self-trained artist, he plays each instrument in his sponsorship band and has regulated creation on everything except two of his collections

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Net Worth$150 Million
Full NameRobert James Ritchie
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1971
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated


How Much is Kid Rock Net Worth ?


Kid Rock Net Worth 2021

Kid Rock  an American Rapper who has a total assets of $150 million


Who is Kid Rock?


Child Rock is an American multi-instrumentalist, music maker, and entertainer who has a total assets of $150 million. Child Rock is known for his kind challenging music, which now and again envelops components of rock, hip-jump, and country. Child Rock assumes full responsibility for the creation cycle, and he is a multi-instrumentalist who can actually add to his music in various manners. With blunt political perspectives, Kid Rock is additionally well known for his dubious activities and proclamations.


Kid Rock Early Life

Child Rock’s genuine name is Robert James Ritchie. He was brought into the world on January seventh of 1971 in Romeo, Michigan. His dad was an effective vehicle sales center proprietor, and Robert Ritchie experienced childhood with an enormous home. As a kid, Ritchie did farmwork for the family like picking apples and watching out for the ponies.


Before Ritchie was ten years of age, he got enthusiastic about hip-jump music. He showed himself how to rap, DJ, and breakdance. In the long run, Kid Rock would proceed to get familiar with various instruments, permitting him to play each and every instrument in his support band during recording meetings.


Kid Rock Career:

Child Rock started his profession as an individual from The Beast Crew during the 80s. At 17 years old, Kid Rock endorsed with Jive Records and delivered the 1990 collection Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. After the achievement of his presentation collection, Kid Rock got perhaps the greatest rapper in Detroit and visited with specialists like Ice Cube and Too Short. In the end, he was dropped by Jive Records.


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In 1992, Kid Rock marked another arrangement with Continuum Records and teamed up with the Insane Clown Posse. In 1993, he changed to a more stone centered sound with his subsequent collection, The Polyfuze Method. This at last prompted the production of Kid Rock’s supporting band, Twisted Brown Trucker. 1996’s Early Mornin’ Pimp was another illustration of Kid Rock’s work day towards awesome music. In 1997, he marked another record manage Atlantic Records.


By this point, Kid Rock had completely refined his “rock-rap” sound, yet additionally his stage persona. His next collection, Devil Without a Cause, end up being a significant hit. Strong limited time strategies and the notoriety of the single “Bawitdaba” prompted more than 15 million units sold around the world. The collection later accomplished precious stone status.


Subsequent to showing up in a scope of TV shows and movies, Kid Rock delivered a self-named collection in 2003. Indeed, the collection denoted a continuation in the move away from hip-jump and towards exciting music. Wild Jesus was Kid Rock’s seventh collection, and it outlined at number one on the Billboard Top 200 – a first for Kid Rock’s vocation. By 2010, Kid Rock had begun to move from rock towards down home music with collections like Born Free. He followed up in 2012 with the collection Rebel Soul.


Towards the finish of the 2010s, Kid Rock delivered the collection Sweet Southern Sugar and the best hits gathering Greatest Hits: You Never Saw Coming. In 2020, Kid Rock returned to his hip-jump roots with the single “Isolate,” distributed under his adjust sense of self Bobby Shazam. All returns from deals of the single were given to Covid-19 aid ventures.


Kid Rock Personal Life


Child Rock met Kelly South Russell in eighth grade, and what followed was a ten-year relationship with a lot of high points and low points. Albeit Kelly South Russell brought forth Kid Rock’s child in 1993, he later found that his accomplice was bringing up a youngster whom she had with another dad. This disclosure prompted their split, and Kid Rock brought up his child as a single parent from 1993 forward.


In 2000, he began dating a model named Jaime King. One year from now, he began dating Pamela Anderson. Despite the fact that Kid Rock was at first drawn in to Pamela Anderson, they cut off their friendship in 2003. Notwithstanding, the two ultimately wedded in 2006, possibly to separate by and by when Anderson prematurely delivered with Kid Rock’s youngster. In 2017, he and his sweetheart Audrey Berry got ready for marriage.


Kid Rock Political Stance


Child Rock has gotten notable for his political perspectives. He recognizes as a Republican and has upheld different Republican applicants throughout the long term. That being said, Kid Rock has Libertarian leanings and supports opportunity on things like early termination and gay marriage. Regarding financial matters, he has moderate perspectives.


In 2017, Kid Rock seemed to play with running for Senate. His assertions via web-based media were met with befuddlement from some media sources, while different Republicans upheld the possibility of a Kid Rock application. Later in 2017, he at long last uncovered that he never really planned to run for Senate and that it was all essential for a joke.


Kid Rock Controversy:


Child Rock has gotten involved in discussion over and over. He has been captured over and over for attacks traversing from 1991 to 2007. The most prominent attack was during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards when he assaulted Tommy Lee who was sitting in the crowd.


All through his vocation, Kid Rock has utilized the Confederate Flag during shows and occasions. In 2011, he formally quit utilizing the banner after allegations of bigotry. In 2016, he offered vilifying remarks towards Colin Kaepernick during a show. In 2019, he was recorded at his eatery making a since a long time ago, inebriated tirade about various subjects, including Oprah Winfrey. By and by, Kid Rock was blamed for prejudice.


Kid Rock Charity Work


Throughout the span of his profession, Kid Rock has gotten engaged with different cause associations. He began the Kid Rock Foundation, an association that fund-raises for different causes, including effort programs for U.S. fighters positioned abroad. He additionally performed during the Hurricane Katrina advantage show and visited for the United Service Organizations.


Kid Rock Real Estate


In 2006 Kid paid $11.6 million for a 5-room Balinese-style chateau in Malibu, California. He recorded the home available to be purchased in 2013 for $13.5 million, eventually tolerating $9.5 million in June 2017. In November 2020, electronic DJ “Diplo” purchased the property for $13.2 million.


In a country suburb one hour outside of Detroit he possesses a multi-property equestrian compound. He recorded this property available to be purchased in August 2020 for $2.2 million. He likewise possesses a lakefront house in an alternate Detroit suburb.


He additionally claims a 70-section of land property in the Nashville rural areas and an oceanfront home in Jupiter, Florida which he obtained for $3.2 million.


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