Sisqo Net Worth

Sisqo Net Worth Mark Althavan Andrews, better known by his stage name Sisqó, is an American vocalist, lyricist, record maker, artist and entertainer. He is most conspicuously known for “The Thong Song,” his participation in Dru Hill, and has likewise delivered solo material.

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Sisqo Net Worth


Net Worth$10 Million
CountryUnited States of America
Height5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)
Date of BirthNov 9, 1978
Last UpdatedThis Year

How much is  Sisqo Worth?


Sisqo Net Worth


Sisqo Net Worth


Sisqo is an American Singer who has a total assets of $10 million

Sisqó total assets: Sisqo is an American R&B vocalist, lyricist, artist, record maker, and entertainer who has a total assets of $10 million. Sisqó is presumably most popular for the “Strap Song.” Outside of his independent music vocation, he is the lead vocalist for the gathering Dru Hill.


Early Life


Sisqó’s genuine name is Mark Andrews, and he was brought into the world on November ninth of 1978. Brought up in Baltimore, Maryland, he at first upheld himself by working at The Fudgery in Harborplace.


Andrews moved on from secondary school in 1994, and in no time a short time later he started a profession in music. During his secondary school years, Sisqó began to try different things with showy style decisions like dyed hair and intriguing outfits.


Vocation: Sisqó’s music profession started in 1996 when he and 3 different artists were endorsed by Island Records as the gathering Dru Hill. Sisqó and the other three individuals from the band had all worked at The Fudgery – a fudge shop where the specialists sing to their clients while mixing the fudge.


The name “Dru Hill” was motivated by Druid Park, a recreation center close to the local where every one of the gathering’s individuals grew up. Other than Mark Andrews, Dru Hill is contained Larry Anthony, James Green, and Tamir Ruffin.


In 1999, Sisqó left Dru Hill to set out on a performance profession. That year, he delivered his presentation collection: Unleash the Dragon. Albeit the collection had somewhat of a sluggish beginning, things changed when “Strap Song” turned into a global hit.


“Strap Song” arrived at the number three spot on the outlines and later got four Grammy selections. However astonishing as that seemed to be, Sisqó’s second hit from Unleash the Dragon would passage surprisingly better.


“Inadequate,” was a lethargic number that arrived at the best position on the diagrams, further establishing the craftsman’s specialty.


Likewise in 1999, Sisqó made the gathering LovHer. Young ladies who needed to join the all-female band tried out before Sisqó before he handpicked the last individuals. They were a moderate achievement and later contributed one track to the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack in 2001.


In spite of the fact that individuals from Dru Hill at first wanted to join by 2000, clashes inside the gathering kept this from occurring. Accordingly, Sisqó turned his consideration towards TV, First, he facilitated MTV’s Sisqó’s Shakedown, a dance rivalry.


He likewise attempted his hand as an entertainer, booking parts in movies like Get Over It and Snow Dogs. Moreover, Sisqó showed up as a vampire in a scene of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


With the get-together of Dru Hill still unsure, Sisqó delivered his subsequent LP, Return of the Dragon. The LP performed observably more awful than Release the Dragon, however it actually figured out how to accomplish platinum certificate. The LP likewise fared much better in the UK, where the single “Dance for Me” turned into a main ten hit. By 2002, Dru Hill was at long last rejoined. In any case, their subsequent LP was a failure, and they were delivered from their record contract not long after.


Over the course of the following time frame, Sisqó showed up on unscripted television shows, for example, Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Keith Sweat’s Platinum House, Gone Country, and Celebrity Wife Swap. His music vocation proceeded to advance, and he worked together with Country vocalist Marie Osmond on her single “Give Me a Good Song.”


Dru Hill remained together, autonomously delivering its third collection, InDRUpendance Day, in 2010. In 2015, Sisqó delivered his own third collection, Last Dragon. This collection helped the craftsman arrive at the graphs without precedent for some years with singles like “L.I.P.s” and “Elite.”


Legitimate Issues


In 2003, Sisqó was captured for taking shots at a vehicle from his yard. He likewise opposed capture when the police came to explore. The artist at first asserted that he was inside his home chronicle music at the hour of the shooting, yet police established that there was black powder on his hands. He was thusly accused of first and second-degree attack, careless danger, and opposing capture.


Individual Life


He has a girl, with Jamila Farid, named Shaione (brought into the world 1995), and a child named Ryū (brought into the world 2012) with sweetheart Elizabeth. Shaione (Shai, as she is called by her family) shows up as the young lady in the music video for Thong Song.

Sisqo, Elizabeth and their family moved to a humble home in rural Minneapolis in 2015. They wedded in 2018. Sisqo purportedly sang “Strap Song” at the gathering.


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